$70・・・Sublime Text2

1月末にSublime Text 3が出ているんだよねぇ〜

  • OS X (10.7 or later is required)
  • Windows 32/64bit
  • Ubuntu 32/64bit

へーMacは10.6(Snow Leopard)は捨てられたのかー

久しぶりにSublime Text 2の料金を見て驚いた
Total: USD $70
2013 02 08 10 05


Sublime Text 3の料金体系は下記の通り

Pricing. The price for a Sublime Text license key has increased by $11, from $59 to $70, the first price rise in Sublime Text’s five year history. All licenses purchased at this new price are valid for Sublime Text 3. Users with a Sublime Text 2 license key can continue using the key with Sublime Text 3 while it’s in beta. When 3.0 is released, upgrades will be available for $30, or $15 for users who have purchased recently. The cut off date for the reduced upgrade price will be based on the actual date of the 3.0 release.

Sublime Text 3の料金は$59〜$70
Sublime Text 3の料金は$70
Sublime Text 3β版は2のライセンスを持っている人は使えるよー
Sublime Text 3がリリースされたらアップグレードは$30、最近購入したユーザは$15